General Opportunities

Our focus is on basic ecological and evolutionary research, with application to contemporary issues such as conservation biology, invasive species, marine protected areas, and global change:

i.   Long-term ecological and evolutionary studies of community assembly and dynamics
ii.  Systematics, biogeography, ecology, and evolution of scyphozoan jellyfishes
iii. Comparative population genomics of intertidal invertebrates
iv.  Population genomics of Mastigias jellyfishes
v.   Island biogeography, ecology, & evolution

vi. Marine, terrestrial, freshwater, aerial comparisons & contrasts


Our lab aims to foster community among all individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences. We value the origination and development of novel ideas and perspectives and discovery at their convergence. We wish to encourage, participate in, and cultivate a collaborative and creative research process that provides opportunity for shared understanding. Into this process, we welcome all perspectives that are not yet well-represented and the changes they will bring. We commit to facilitating equity, diversity and inclusion.


General opportunities for undergraduate experience in my lab are outlined on the undergraduate information page.

Options for a graduate career in my lab are outlined on the graduate information page

Ongoing openings for postdocs are described on the post-doc information page.


Specific Opportunities:

[None currently]