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Post-Pisaster pandemic, the start of a recovery?
National Geographic - 24 May 2016 - the story


Sea Star Wasting Disease Update: 2017
UCTV Sustainable California

Sea star wasting disease video by Gary Yost

Biodiversity micro-exhibit at UC Merced Library
KVIE 'impact' - 21 April 2011 - exhibit information and video


Dat in the Lab at UC Merced: Reproducible bioinformatics pipelines in marine ecology
DatBlog - 12 October 2017 -
read blog

A new family of jellyfishes
National Geographic Daily - January 2011 - Drymonematidae


NSF grants will help unravel mysteries of sea stars, jellyfish
UC Merced Newsroom - 02 October 2017 -
the story

One of the top ten labs
Popular Science Magazine - August 2010 - article #9


What's written in the stars: fortunate and unfortunate nature
UC Carbon Slam (UCTV) - 23 May 2016 -
watch video (scroll to time 20:20)
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Marine Lakes
GEO Magazin - May 2009 - "Die Schwärme von Palau
" [article]


How many species are there in the seas?
UC Merced "Panorama" - 27 November 2012 -
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Ecological engineering: evolution of organism and environment
National Science Foundation - 08 May 2009 - "Jellyfish: far from passive drifters-in-the-currents"
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Magic Porthole web site [article moved]
Horizon Solutions Site


Discovering and protecting biodiversity - new species and new places
UC Merced "Impact" - 13 June 2011 -
watch video

Jellyfish blooms?
The Columbus Dispatch - 11 September 2007 - "Boneless, brainless, stinging machines"


Invasive species
MSNBC - 16 August 2005 - "Jellyfish invade the globe, thanks to humans"


Jellyfish and climate change
New Scientist - 29 October 2005 - "Keep a weather eye on those vanishing jellyfish"